1.5 Average

Om Shanti Om

Om Sahnti Om
The film about two lifes... and the vengence.
Its there something new? Nothing. Its a déjà vu 70 style film with double role and double life.
The dialouges are really non-sense. Speciallly Sharuk's filmy dialogue... in times they are funny and in time, they are not. Its really boring to see the 1st half which is ok... Only Deepika Padukone is worth to see in 1st half. SRK is ok in some scene. Second Half seen nice moments when SRK is trying to good.He look then cute... and Deepika save the movie. Performances: SRK is average, Deepika Padukone really acted, she is excellent. Arjun Rampal is ok. Shreyas Talpade and Kiron Kher are wasted. They are as bad as their dialogue.
The music by Vishal Shekar is stickly ok. Its not good or extraordianry. Just Dhoom Thana and Aankho mein teri are worked. Main Agar Kahoon is also nice. Dars-D_DISCO is a crap. But Careography is excellent. Specially in Deewanagee and Dhoom Tana.
On the Whole, OSO is just media-Hyped movie. Its not such a great story like DDLJ OR RAJA HINDUSTANI or Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Its just an average movie. If u r SRK hardcore, u will like the movie. If not, u won't!