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Om Shanti Om

An Iloogical dissapointing affai is what i call Om Shanti Om.Lolz to Taran Adarsh for giving this piece of illogistic 4 stars.Well in my eyes Taran you have lost the credibility of a good critic.The film is a true case of lack of a script and over dependence on the star Shahrukh Khan.To start with its not a film its a spoof of some legendary actors and direcors of Indian Cinema in 1970's.The film deals with a great deal of continuity loss and jump cuts.There is no logic to the story - How come shahrukh came to know about abou Arjun Rampal bringing Deepika to sets of Om Shanto Om.Yes he is a junior artist but its not necessary for him and his mother to overact to show there obsession with the profession.Also getting 31 stars in song is quite an achievement but it looks good as a music video - nothing special.Also i dont understand that thinhgs like judiciary and police never comes to play a part in these kind of films.Now the climax - director tried to make it thrilling but it ultimately looked funny to audiences.People were laughing there heart for such illogical affair.Deepika Padukone is simply a supermodel in the later half of the film wearing some jacket stuck bikinis and skirts.I wonder how the new OM has a same mark on the wrist and how come suddenly out of nothing Deepika clone comes into the play.Deepika Padukone is simply nothing in the film - a fika debut in all.Kiron Kher is Ok.Shreyas has nothing to show here.It's Arjun Rampal who completely outshines the cast except SRK in the film.His looks, his acting and his delivery is simply outstanding.Shahrukh Khan proves why he is a good actor in first half but he is a complete let down as a cool dude actor in the film's second half. Farah has improved a bit in terms of direction as some scenes very beautifully shot.But as an choreographer she is no more a star - a shocker.
Films has nothing to offer in terms of aesthetics and story and it's a package of spoofs linked together.The cinematography by V.Maniknandan and editing by Shirish Kunder is first rate.Also please can anyone explain me how come the dilouge of Dreamy Gal became a part of the later revived film Om ShantI Om ? LOLZ.....I think Farah Khan's obssesion with the process of filmmaking has kept her away from logics and something called continuity.

In totality OSO disaapoints as a spoof and illogical thriller which ultimately turns out to be a spoof based comedy.

Special Mention: Gauri khan looked stunning in the films credit cast.She should try her hand on acting too.What say SRK!!!