0.5 Poor

Om Shanti Om

Dunnow where to start.....Thanks to Farah khan[1st] and Sanjay leela Bhansali[2nd] for making Diwali festivity in Dubai DREADFUL.Honestly,frankly speaking Om shanti Om is the WORST FILM shahrukh has done in the last few years.Am sure he knows this in his heart.As far as BIG clash with Saawariya is concerned,as also i must mention,Saawariya has poor script and is dark in colour.Both films have disappointed me BIG TIME.Whts happening to film industry??????People want change....I AGREE!!In today's stressful world,paying public need a breath of fresh air wherein U keep the viewer entertained or atleast engrossed to the seat so that the viewer atleast comes out fresh and takes home something good.The entertainment thts provided in both these movies is mediocre and at times[om shanti om]stupid and overboard.All like to see their favourite filmstars....but not this way.You can see them at any film award functions[so many presently]on so many channels.MY SINCERE REQUEST TO FARAH KHAN AND SANJAY LEELA BHANSALI IS TO PLEASE MAKE MOVIES THAT ENTERTAIN PAYING PUBLIC!!!!!!!!!!!!IT COULD BE A Hum dil de chuke sanam OR Main hoon naa.Both were huge success coz of the entertainment value.Am sure everybody agrees on this point.So FOR GOD'S SAKE,BOTH OF YOU PLEASE TAKE THIS SINCERE ADVICE AND LEARN FROM YOUR PRESENT MISTAKES AND CORRECT IT IN YOUR FUTURE PROJECTS.