4 Very Good

Om Shanti Om

OSO is a good experience IF YOU KEEP YOUR BRAINS at home and come for the movie. Its a good 2.6 hrs of TIMEPASS MASALA. But beware, if you are looking out for substance in the film, you will get utter disappointment.

The best thing to happen to Indian Film Industry (BOLLYWOOD) as well as to OSO is KING KHAN. He is the perfect choice for the role. The movie rests on his shoulders and he carries it well.

Coming to Deepika, Oh what a discovery. She is CHO BEAUTIFUL and charming that your hearts will drop out. She acts well too. Actually her screen presence brings glory to this cinema.

Rest of the cast is OK. Arjun rampal gets to play a BADDIE which he plays with ELAN.

The only thing i wish is the end should have been better. But anyways the movie as a whole is good.