3 Good

This Review Might Contain Spoilers

This review is my perspective of the film OK Jaanu (2017)

positives: 1) the message of film is beautiful and relevant for most of the youth of today who are confused about true love, it might help them to be guided in their individual journey of love. a) love is pure it cannot be played with b) multiple relationships give you peace which is transient not permanent c) Sex,casual dating etc... are definitely not what LOVE actually is d)Love is a bliss,Love is caring for each other,staying strong with each other through all thick and thins

e)Marriage is a Marriage, Marriage has its own charm and sweetness,it is near impossible for any other thing to replace this beautiful institution f) you don't need yourself to go through multiple relationships and break ups to ultimately settle down with the one you feel is correct for you. g)just wait for the right time,the supreme power will definitely gift you your right soulmate, the ONLY ONE for you. h) while choosing between your career and LOVE,you don't need to sacrifice either one of them , you can keep both by finding the right way. i)the love story of Charulata Aunty and Gopi Uncle is the ideal form of love,which can be made a thing to be followed by the ones who are seeking the right way to love the other person. j)At last the Charulata- Gopi love story wins over Adi-Tara's non- committal love story k) Adi and Tara realise that true love is found in stability, in friendship and care

2) The Enna Sona Song is the attractive factor of this film, at least for me as rest of the songs are same as OK Kanmani. The OK Jaanu title song is a dampener for me as I have already heard a very excellent version of it in Tamil and Telugu. I used to hate the original Humma Humma since childhood but after listening to its new version ( recreated by Badshah and Tanishk Bagchi) in the film I have started loving the original Humma Humma, I don't know how this crap recreation became such a big hit on YouTube, Jee Lein Zara is very good in Hindi due to its lyrics. All these songs are very good to be heard in the theatre and go according to the situations present the film. BACKGROUND SCORE: its mellifluous

3) Cinematography is very good, even the sets and production values of this film are very good and better than the original film.

4) Shraddha Kapoor looks very beautiful in the film, her costumes in the film are so good that I eagerly want them to be in the nearby stores for sale, Shraddha has surprisingly acted very well here, except some scenes she has acted very well in most of the scenes, Aditya looks good and has played his role how it should be. Its true that Shraddha and Aditya May fall short of the innate spark the pair of Dulquer And Nithya in the original Tamil film, but they are very good in themselves.

5) the locations of Ahemadabad are good. 6) This film has good scenes, It is a very sweet and heart touching love story compared to other romantic comedy films being made in Bollywood recently.

Since the film is same to same remake of OK Kanmani, the negatives of the film are same as OK Kanmani


1) The film has a kind of screenplay which bores you from the word GO, From the opening credits to the end credits, the film is uninteresting.The screenplay does not involve you in the film, you do not travel emotionally with the journey of the lead characters in the film.Yes "something is happening on screen ", this is the feeling I got while watching the film.

2) a scene in the film is not realistic,the scene where Adi-Tara talking a bit loudly on phones in the church where someone's marriage is going on,in reality you don't need to talk on the phones, either of the one can go and sit next to the other one if they really want to talk , in this way the silence of that place might not get disturbed.

3) the lead characters are in merry making mood half of the time and laugh too much which is irritating and rest of the time they are so serious which is also irritating. jovial and serious moods of the leads should have been shown in such a balanced way that we would have understood their emotions.

4) the film doesn't explore any other areas except the chemistry of the new age couple in the film, the story of Adi's family (dropping in and they mistake Tara to be Gopi's niece) is half-baked 7) they could have made a good family entertainer with the concept of living-in,it serves as neither a pure-realistic film nor a entertaining romantic comedy. This film could have been more better.