1.5 Average

No Problem

Whats wrong with bollywood these days? They keep Imitating from Bollywood itself.No problem is the best example of Imitating.No entry meets welcome, welcome meets Race, Race Meets Housefull, Housefull meets fool n final, fool n final meets singh is King, singh is king meets Phir Hera pheri.Imitating at its very best.No Problem is the weird combination of all comedy Movies.As far as actings are concerned Anil Kapoor is somewhat tolerable than rest of the casts, suneil shetty hams so do Akshay khanna and Sanjay Dutt, Kangna & neetu Looked beautiful and sexy though but sushmita acted like a newbie, Paresh tried his best but he should Know not all his humor can be like Hera pheri. Camera work , Editing & special effects are the worst part in the Movie.Music of the movie is dull so is its direction.Over all No problem is way Below expectation.Fate of the Movie doesn't seem promising.Highly disappointing.