1.5 Average

No Problem

Yash Ambani and Raj Ambani are childhood friends and small time crooks. Raj contemplates changing tracks and leaving the world of crime. Yash on the other hand always manages to do something which closes all doors for Raj to change his life. Check out in this hilarious 'whodunit'.

well i was expecting so much from this movie, from the director who brought the okay movie NO ENTRY then a good movie WELCOME then the one i really loved SINGH IS KING, after these movies if a director like him does anything like this is pretty disappointing, this movie is a bad attempt. i would say there are some scenes which will make you laugh, some good punches. but all in all its very badly written movie.

story is slight different which is good with some cliches too, screenplay is very weak and everything else too, songs are awful, acting is awful. i really wanted to like this movie based on those silly laughable scenes but guess what, with the same old reputation of mistakes by Bollywood again and again i really don't wan't to show favor to this movie, a disappointing movie like many other movies in particular and comedy movie in general. bad attempt.