3 Good

New York

The idea was good but emotions portrayed were quite weak. You almost feel no sympathy for any character in the movie, which if I am not mistaken was point of the movie? Forget sympathy, it was difficult to understand what the heck was director specifically trying to say? Whose point of view were we supposed to understand and focus on? Johns? Neils? Katrinas?

Could have done a much better. I advise people to watch Khuda Ke Liye instead if this is the subject matter they are interested in watching.

As for what I did like, I LOVED Irfan Khan. His style, his stature, his dialogue delivery, his effortless performance. Natural actor.

I am starting to really like Katrina. Actually thats an understatement. I am starting to love her as an actress. She is very talented. She can portray emotions. I hope she gets more roles like this. Even more, I hope she gets to work with Shahrukh Khan. She deserves it. Shahrukh and Katrina will make one heck of a pair.

Couple things that I am not too fond of in Katrina. I find her Hindi accent a little irritating. She should either stick to english all the way, or improve her Hindi. She has come a long way but she should still try to speak Hindi more often in TV shows. More you practice more you learn. Another thing is I do not like Katrina when she does sleazy scenes. May be I am a conservative Indian but I still think it tarnishes sweet and innocent image that I have of her in my imagination.

Neil is wonderful. I admire him. He gave good performance. This is his first movie I watched and I liked it.
John as a somber character did not have a whole lot to do but did his part pretty well. The guy is cool.