1.5 Average

New York

I saw the movie last night in Cinema here in Kuwait, I was so excited that the movie got four stars rating, so it must be something remarkable, awesome and fabulous. Secondly I was waiting for this movie for six months now, when I saw its theatrical trailor in cinema with RNBDJ. But to be honest, I didn't felt once in those 2:25 hours that this movie deserves some applause, or at least some appreciation. I am not saying that it’s completely a disappointment, but yeah to some extent it was. The first half was strictly okay, nothing promising in it. Just before the interval, I thought now the movie will be having a kicking start, but in the second half as well story was not lifted up and was getting lengthy without any reason. Except few sequences in post-interval portion, specially where John tells his past and incidents which happened to him after 9/11. Now let’s talk about climax, I was surely wondering that what’s going to happen now in the climax, but to cut the story short and without disclosing any twists, I am totally disappointed with the Climax. Performance wise, I must say that every character has shown their best. But when you don’t have good and impressive story, everything goes wrong. For me it’s strictly an average to below average movie.