0.5 Poor

Nehlle Pe Dehlla

Synopsis: Two crooks Jimmy (Saif) and Johnny (Dutt) always keep bumping into each other in jail and keep boasting about who is the best between them. Once they accidentally come across a dying person on the road, Gupta (Avtar Gill) who mouths these words - Hotel Roxy, accounts department, Rs. 30 crore. They individually hatch a plan to loot the booty from the clues given by Gupta. They join the hotel as waiters and conveniently fall in love with Hotel owner Pooja (Bipasha) and her friend (Kim). Pooja's uncle Balram (Shakti Kapoor) who is running the hotel has committed huge frauds along with his friend (Mukesh Rishi) which are not known to Pooja. When both Jimmy and Johnny come to know about it, they start blackmailing Ballu for their share. Ballu takes them to Mauritius claiming he has hidden the booty there. But the day they reach Mauritius, they find him murdered in his villa. To nab the real killers (Ballu's partners in crime - Mukesh Rishi and Co.) the duo then parades the dead body of the manager around as if he is alive. This leads to one crazy situation after another. Finally they get the hidden cash plus their gals and the villains are punished.

Acting: Sanju Baba brings in the laughs at times with his dead pan humour. It is the same kind of role he used to do in David Dhawan movies with Govinda for company. Saif looks totally out of place in this mindless comedy. One can make out his uneasiness mouthing silly dialogues. Bipasha and Kim fulfill the dumb heroines quotient required for such films - acting silly in funny scenes and exposing when song and dance routines begin. Shakti Kapoor is good when he is playing the corpse but when he is shown alive he hams to the hilt. The villains trio of Mukesh Rishi - Aasif Sheikh - Shiva is straight out of 80s masala flicks with one of them always saying, I am Jazzy but not Crazzy.

Music: Five music directors - Himesh Reshammiya, Anand Raj Anand, Dabboo Mallik, Nikhil - Vinay and Nitin Shankar and not one song that you can recollect once you are out of the theatre. What one remembers is Kim Sharma dancing around in the skimpiest of clothes all throughout her songs. The song Parvar Digaara shown during the end titles shot like a music video on Neha Dhupia looks like an add on and has no connection to the film. Its tune is similar to Cham Se Woh Aajaaye from Dus (2005).