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Neerja Music Review



For a film like Neerja which is expected to be a tout thriller, one doesn't see scope for any music. Still, there are four tracks that have been put together by composer Vishal Khurana and lyricist Prasoon Joshi. One checks out to know what is in the offing, without quite knowing the kind of setting that the music would have here.


Kavita Seth leads the charge for 'Jeete Hain Chal', signature track of Neerja, which has chorus by Arun Ingle, Archana Gore, Pragati Mukund Joshi, Mayuri Patwardhan, Mandar Apte and R.N. Iyer. The song has a haunting feel to it and though it is meant to bring on a sense of positivity to the proceedings, somehow the end result is a tad depressing. Expect this one to play during the end credit rolls of the film.

Next to arrive is 'Aankhein Milayenge Darr Se' which has its rhythm straight out of legendary chartbuster 'We Will Rock You'. Sung by K. Mohan, this one pretty much sounds like an ad jingle. It only becomes all the more apparent once Neha Bhasin comes to the fore with her rap portion. The core idea of the song is good though as it is centered on facing your fears and taking up the challenge from evils around you.

Since Shekhar Ravjiani is the leading man in the film opposite Sonam Kapoor, it is pretty much expected that he would sing a track. That happens with 'Gehra Ishq', a soft and simple number where Shekhar does rather well and gets the right melodic quotient in his voice. Though as a composition this one isn't anything spectacular, one still doesn't mind its inclusion in the album.

Last to arrive is 'Aisa Kyun Maa' which has Sunidhi Chauhan singing in a style which is very uncharacteristic of her. Beginning as a nursery rhyme, it actually sounds a little strange since the entire beginning portion is made of Hindi alphabet recital. Sunidhi comes on the scene one minute into the song and pays homage to mother. Again, strictly situational.


Since Neerja doesn't quite rely on music, the songs heard here are strictly functional and won't really be into play once the film is through.


'Aankhein Milayenge Darr Se', 'Gehra Ishq'

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