4.5 Excellent

Neecha Nagar

Impoverished residents of Neecha Nagar are distressed when they find that Municipal Governor, Sarkar (Rafi Peer), has decided to divert an open drain that will pass through their township with an ulterior motive of constructing buildings. Led by Hakim Yaqoob Khan (Hamid Butt) and Balraj (Rafiq Anwar), who once loved Sarkar's daughter, Maya (Uma Anand), as well as Sagar (S.P. Bhatia) who is in love with Balraj's sister, Rupa (Kamini Kaushal), they protest. Sarkar plays the game of 'divide and rule' and hires Sagar with a lucrative pay of Rs.300/- per month - leading to discord within the group. The drain gets opened, clean water and wells get polluted and residents start getting ill. Sarkar then issues instructions to turn tap waters off. When people protest, he builds a hospital and provides treatment free of cost. Balraj puts out the word to boycott the hospital, and assisted by Yaqoob and Rupa undertake to treat the ill themselves. Things spiral out of control when Balraj's niece becomes ill and his family decides to get her treated in the hospital. To make matters even worse, Rupa herself falls ill - leaving them no choice but to give up their boycott.
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**********This movie was released during the year 1946**************