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Wealthy Ashok Kumar Rai (Ashok Kumar), the only son of wealthy Mohanlal Rai (Jagdish Sethi) returns home to Kishangarh after a failed eye surgery and his father arranges his marriage with Kamla (Kuldip Kaur), the daughter of wealthy Balmukand. Unable to even object to this alliance, Ashok meets and falls in love with an impoverished woman named Rani (Nalini Jaywant) but introduces himself as Hari. While attempting to deal with Kamla, he meets with an accident, gets hospitalized, gets his sight back, recuperates and returns home to give this good news to Rani. Upon arrival, he finds she and her father (Badri Prasad) are no longer living there. His attempts to locate her may well be in vain as he has never seen her before, and he may as well as resign himself to a married life with Kamla.
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)