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Based in a spacious dwelling in Bombay's Walkeshwar Road, Rekha (Kamini Kaushal) lives a wealthy lifestyle with her widowed father, Baba Devdas (Gulab), who has made plans for her to get married to equally wealthy and compassionate Barrister Kedarnath (Kishore Sahu). She then meets with impoverished Jivan (Dev Anand), who lives with his widowed mother (Pratima Devi), and both fall in love. He then unknowingly gets employed with Kedarnath and is devastated to learn that Rekha's marriage has already been arranged. Then Baba must travel to Banaras to assist a woman, Shyama (Leela Chitnis), and Jivan decides to follow him. What he learns there will convince him that Kedarnath is indeed the better groom for Rekha, and he must decide not to see her anymore.
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)