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My Name Is Khan

First and Foremost 'MNIK' is not just about Autism and Religion,these are just a backdrop rather its a story of a Man who above all things is a simple hearted good man who is determined to do anything to win his love back whilst keeping the values inhereted from her mother intact.
MNIK is a impressive film and a brave attempt by its director Karan Johar,who earlier was known for his frothy and wide screen emotional dramas.but seems like the Karan Johar's cinema has got real so,dont go expecting mindless latka jhatka's and shining costumes .Its a bollywood mainstream film and at the same time a film depicting realism and shows that the director has treated the film with apt sincerity and is in control.Most movies of similar genres have shown protagonist to be turned into terrorists. but this movie gives a message that love is much more stronger tool to gain respect and right for a person or community.

(3.5/5) Reviewed By PRABHJIT SINGH WALIA.