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My Name is Anthony Gonsalves

Since the release of Satya and it becoming a cult film a no. of films have released on underworld . this includes RGVS own company , D , Shool , Risk , and many others . My name is Anthony gonsalvses is another such film coming from the National award winner E niwas who after making love ke liye kuch bhi karega comes back to the genre he started but over the years this genre has got exhausted with films releasing with nearly same storyline and minor changes . My name is Anthony gonsalves have same clichés as other films but still it works due to a fresh cast of Nikhil dwiwedi , mithun , pawan malhotra , javed sheikh and also good screenplay by E niwas .

My name is Anthony gonsalves as the title suggests is a story of Anthony Gonsalves a aspiring actor and bar tender . he was brought in church by father( Mithun ) and sikander ( Pawan malhotra ) who was right hand of the gang ran by Anupam kher . Sikander along with Maqsood ( mukesh tiwari) and riyaz . riyaz and Maqsood are jealous of sikanders sudden rise in the gang . however one day Anthony sees them with body of a cop and things went upside down afterwards as Anthony gets caught between right and wrong .

My name is Anthony gonsalves is a strictly mediocre effort by e niwas but still due to good performances the film is able to make viewer interested throughout . however the story takes too long time going forward . the chase sequences have a RGV stamp all over it and are effective .

Writing by Mayur Puri and Lajan joseph is ok and takes straight lifting from Julius casears story . Cinematography is poor . film has quite outdated look . editing is poor in first half and good in second half .

Performances wise Nikhil dwivedi makes a confident debue . he gets his dialogue delivery and goan accent perfectly . though he also showed tendency to overact in some scenes . he reminds us of younger srk . Amrita rao don’t have much to do in the film . she does look sexy though . Anupam Kher as don is convincing . Mukesh tiwari needs to do something diff. Now his act here looks repeated . mithun as Father is very good though his karate scene is really funny .

Pawan Malhotra gives awesome performance here . first black Friday and now mniag shows real talent of this guy hope bollywood gives better chances to such talented actors in future .

Overall My name is Anthony gonsalves is one time DVD watch and mainly for his good performances .

Rating 3/5