3 Good

Murder 2

1st i m not a big fan of bhatt and not a big fan of emraan and not be appreciate to murder 1 but one thing for sure as far as cheating murder 2 is a total rip hop of south korean film (the chaser ) which will produce by hollywood comp[any next month as fas as sexual content this film sucks but story (assual it is an unlicence remake film)it is far more better thn murder 1 but no one it should be gfive credit bcose al have just copied in technical aspect but one thing iwant to appreciate is to clap prashant the villan he is a fantastic actor even he ate em,raan
,emraan is not a good actor and he never have to said a dialoge delivry style but yes he always get a good role and good script but plz gnetlemen plz this time give credit to gennuine people ,and tht is prashant .