4.5 Excellent

Mumbai Meri Jaan

A master piece, a true film, marvelous direction, awesome storyteller, excellent script, pure and real characters, deeply sketched characters, focused on each and every single thing, a movie that makes you think, that makes you stand against problems, a movie that makes you realize, a movie that prevent you, a movie that make sense to be watched, a movie that has everything to love yourself and so to others, a movie that vanished the differences between religious issues, a movie that doesn't have any resemblance to any terrorist, a movie which rules on your heart, on you brain and of course a movie that makes you to think at what point or condition you standing and how can you face it. A movie doesn't tell you anything which you want to be, it remains on reality, whether you like it or not, its totally showing a fact. Paresh Rawal's character stands above to every character, he is so real that you realize someone can't be changed against the system, he's running with the system since 35 years, he realizes that he's not doing anything good for his country but he's helpless, a focus on Media and reporters is today's story. Soha Ali Khan has done her role greatly, she's looking marvelous in reporter character, Irrfan Khan, one of the finest actor in Bollywood, yet again proves his skills and ability to shaped in a character. He was so real that one really wonders is he the same Irrfan Khan. Kay Kay was best as Suresh, Madhvan was up-to date. Overall, its a fantastic movie to watch and realize where are we standing today. so hats Off to the entire cast and crew of MUMBAI MERI JAAN.