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Well, first and foremost the film itself comes as a bit of surprise. With zilch information about this project, in spite of the presence of Anupam Kher and Sharmila Tagore, it is impossible to build any expectations for the music. Also, it appears to be an offbeat subject hence diminishing any hope that one has from a popular score.

Jeet Ganguly, who was once a partner with Pritam for the music of Mere Yaar Ki Shaai Hai and Tere Liye, comes solo for creating the music of Morning Walk. First to come is the semi-classical track 'Bhor Bhayo' which is written by Sanjeev Tiwari and sung by Rashid Khan, Shreya Ghoshal and Joi. Fused with Western arrangements, 'Bhor Bhayo' is as per the demand of the situation. You won't look forward to playing this heavy duty number in a repeat mode on your audio system but it should fit in well into the film's narrative.


Dibbendu Mukherjee (who also writes the song along with Sanjeev Tiwari) begins Spanish rendition for 'Manwa' where guitar strings remind of 'Neele Neele Ambar Par' [Kalakar]. It's good fun for the first one minute but takes a different turn the moment Rashid Khan comes into picture. The song is clearly differentiated by the Indian and Spanish portions and is distinctly more impressive in the latter. Just like 'Bhor Bhayo', 'Manwa' too seems to be a 'jugalbandi' of sorts and is yet another situational track.

The best of the album is reserved for a little later as Shaan comes together with Shreya Ghoshal for 'Meethi Meethi Baatein' which has a certain purity and innocence to it. Nida Fazli's lyrics have a youthful appeal to them as 'Meethi Meethi Baatein' turns out to be a romantic rendezvous on a rainy evening. With a 70s melody feel to it, the number is extremely soothing to ears and would have been a good inclusion in a mushy outing.

Shreya Ghoshal goes solo for 'Dolna' (yet anoither Nida Fazli written number) where she comes up with an extended 'alaap' that lasts 40 seconds. A sad track which has an extremely slow pace to it and appears extremely lengthy due to this very reason, 'Dolna' only manages to fill in for a situation.

Just 30 seconds into 'Aasma Choona Nahi' and you know that Jeet-Pritam were indeed a team when they started out. The song could have easily passed of as a Pritam track if not for Jeet's name on the credits. A soft-rock number which makes for an extremely nice hearing, 'Aasma' could have easily found a place in any commercial Bollywood outing with an urban youth flavour to it. Presence of Shaan only adds further weight to 'Aasma Choona Nahi' which deserves to see good promotion coming it's way to help sales of Morning Walk.

The album continues to find some good songs coming its way as a full-on club outing comes next in the form of 'Nachle'. A Hinglish track written by Sanjeev Tiwari that has Shaan, Joi and Nargis coming together, 'Nachle' is yet another number after 'Meethi Meethi Baatein' that has a potential to cover that extra distance, if aided by good picturisation.


It is surprising that Morning Walk starts off with 'Bhor Bhayo' and 'Manwa' when it has winners like 'Aasma Choona Nahi', 'Nachle' and 'Meethi Meethi Baatein' as a part of the musical score. These very tracks ensure that Morning Walk has a fair share of good songs to offer which is good enough considering the fact that there was no expectation to begin with.


Aasma Choona Nahi, Nachle, Meethi Meethi Baatein

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