2.5 Good

Mehlon Ke Khwab

At Bombay's Kamal Studios, an elderly actress (Leela Chitnis) warns two aspiring actresses, Asha (Madhubala) and Bela (Chanchal) to not focus on acting as a career but instead get married. The duo disregard her warning, but will soon be remorseful when Asha's Chachi (Parvin Paul) and Chacha (Rashid Khan) arrange her marriage for Rs.10,000/- with an elderly jeweler, Ratilal. The two friends collect enough money from a forthcoming acting assignment and decide to re-locate to Kashmir. Enroute there via Pathankot by Toofan Mail, they are befriended by several males, including Rajan (Kishore Kumar); Motilal (K.N. Singh); and John Coelho (Pran). It is at Kashmir they will also be befriended by Chattopadhyay and a waiter, Chander (Pradeep Kumar), and will soon be told that the reason why so many men are interested in them is that both are suspects in a jewelry heist that involved them and an unknown mysterious male - who may well be amongst their admirers. As if this were not enough, the duo are not aware that Asha's Chacha and Chachi have issued nation-wide newspaper advertisements, declaring her a missing/runaway, and are willing to pay Rs.3000/- to anyone who provides them with information.
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)