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Mashooka Movie Review

Mashooka Movie Rating

MASHOOKA, written-directed by Afzal Ahmed, is a love triangle.

MASHOOKA tells the story of a woman who can cross all limits to get her lover. The friendship between Sanjana and Vicky turns into a relationship. However, Sanjana is under the impression that it's love.

While Vicky finds himself at the crossroads of love and mistake, his lost love reappears on the scene -- Monica. That sparks off the dangerous game of love and lunacy, with infatuation and madness playing a pivotal role.

A story involving two women and a man is not new to Bollywood. Be it AITRAAZ or last week's FAREB, the obsessive streak in a person has been captured time and again on celluloid. MASHOOKA follows a similar path!

Director Afzal Ahmed has handled a few sequences well. But the subject has its limitations. Besides, MASHOOKA is aimed at the hoi polloi, who wouldn't really mind the generous doses of skin show in the plot. Sajid-Wajid's music is okay.

Meghna Naidu goes over the top at times, but looks alluring. Vidya Malavade is a fine actor and she proves it yet again. Aditya Bal is passable. Usha Bachchani is effective.

On the whole, MASHOOKA is a film for small centres mainly.

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