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Masaan Music Review



One expects the unexpected from the music of Masaan. First and foremost, this belongs to parallel cinema and secondly, Indian Ocean is at the helm of affairs when it comes to putting together the soundtrack. With Varun Grover and Sanjeev Sharma contributing to the lyrics, this one is a short and simple three song album.


It is the sound of simplicity that catches your attention right at the beginning once Swanand Kirkire begins the rendition of 'Tu Kisi Rail Si'. A beautiful number that has a catchy hook to it and fetches your attention after the very first listening, it is a respite from the techno-heavy songs that one gets to hear week after week. Everything comes together fine for this love song, be it the lyrics by Varun Grover (which are adapted from a poem by Dushyant Kumar) or the composition or the singing. Hear this one for sure.

Amit Kilam, a key band member of Indian Ocean, brings himself behind the mike for 'Mann Kasturi' which is yet another Varun Grover written number. A lyric-heavy number, it is not as simple as 'Tu Kisi Rail Si' when it comes to recall quotient. However, what it does quite well is being in complete synch with the theme and core of the film, and blends in pretty seamlessly with the overall set up and milieu. This one should sound well too in the context of the film and works extremely well as a rooted Indian number.

Same holds true for 'Bhor' as well which has Indian Ocean members Amit Kilam, Rahul Ram and Himanshu Joshi come together for a Sanjeev Sharma track. There is inner peace that one experiences while listening to this one, and the song goes totally in synch with the mood that the makers want to create for the film. A smooth and serene number, it makes the soundtrack of Masaan as one well integrated 18 minute affair.


Indian Ocean pretty much delivers what was expected from the band and while it is obvious that the music here is not for commercial gains, it flows well with the spirit of film.


'Tu Kisi Rail Si', 'Mann Kasturi'

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