4 Very Good

I saw the 3rd show of the first day of MariGold in Muscat. I was intended to see the English version of the film but bad luck the multiplex I chose was showing Hindi version. Anyways, it was nice movie. It's truly a tour to True India. I haven't been there. Ali Later was really impressive. Salman Khan was as usual good and looking handsome & cool. But he looked more handsome in Partner. Ali Larter is my darling. She is truly a MariGold (a flower) and a gorgeous lady. Her acting, her Indian dances are too Good. For a Hollywood actress that much output should be praised.
I still could not understand why Taran Adarsh gave negative marks to MariGold. At one point he said Salman Khan was mumbling. I couldn't find the same in entire movie. May be I didn't feel same as I saw the Hindi version. But this is my perception that even in English version he would be good.
I like the movie and I believe you would like it too. Try to see the movie in English version first and then go for Hindi version. You would love the hindi version afterwards as it's dubbed excellently. One stage you never think that you are seeing English movie. The lip reading is so good man! Especially the Ali Larter doubbing is worth.
Frankly speaking MariGold is made for love couples. Watch it with your belover/or true friend and you would love the movie. Or unless don't see it alone. See it with your friend/family - yes it's a totally family movie. Go see it for the sake of Salman and explore his new experiment and welcome him in the world of Hollywood.