0.5 Poor

Manorama Six Feet Under

Manorama-6 Feet Under aint no tribute! Its a debutante's mistake in assuming that lifting (arguably) the greatest film ever ad putting it to an Indian audience in an Indian milieu will in turn create the greatest Hindi film.

Its a mistake by an amateur who having learnt enough about camera angles and lighting, thought that he could simply make a great movie.

Its a movie where the script has gone horribly wrong...

If film is a visual medium, how come all the mystery has to be broken to the viewer with Abhay's Voice Over? Yes, the greatest of film's have used VO's for effect...but if the story has to be TOLD to the audience rather than them discovering it, it means the director has failed to use the VISUALNESS of cinema as a medium.

In Chinatown, every little thing adds to the the whole...a hallmark of any great film for that matter. Here...I could leave the lead actress (with about 25 minutes of screen time) out of the story and it wouldnt make the slightest difference to the plot, charecterization or storyline.

More absurdities...

Why does Vinay Pathak have to be Abhay's Saala?!!! If Abhay's wife is from Rohtak, and Abhay is posted in a remote place like Lakhot, what are the chances of his wife's brother being posted in the same godforsaken place? Even if the coincidence is granted, shouldnt Pathak being Deol's saala add to the story. He could just have been a friend for all we care!

Why is Sarika who is in fear of getting killed doling out cryptic clues? Instead of saying her age is 32...why cant she ask Deol to simply read page 32 of the novel!??? And if she was so good at clicking 'those' pictures herself..why employ Deol in the first place?

I could go on...but I think the director made the mistake of making a great first film...I think a first film should be like Bheja Fry...simple to shoot and tell...leave the so called tributes for a time when you have gained even one-tenth the mastery as the original creator.

Infact the only scene I enjoyed in the film was Yana Gupta getting drenched with water on a deserted Rajasthan road.

Yeah call me shallow..but this film should be buried 6 feet under!