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Eega is the latest Telugu blockbuster that made waves just a few weeks ago and now when the film is arriving in Hindi as Makkhi, one expects the film to find added audience for itself. However the same cannot be said about the music which, despite popular down South, isn't quite getting much time for itself to make a splash in Bollywood. With the album hitting the stands just days before the film's arrival in theatres, one wonders what composer M M Kreem has to offer.


It is a very good start that Makkhi gets with a love song 'Are Are Are'. While the composition is as sweet and simple as it gets, the effect is enhanced further with Neelesh Misra's lyrics coming across as a breeze and K.K. doing very well behind the mike as well. This is the kind of love song that would have easily found some good popularity coming its way already had it featured in a Bollywood biggie.

New entrant in Hindi film music, Anuj Gurwara, is roped in for 'Thoda Hans Ke' and he does well in a song where he is also the lyricist. Pretty much continuing from where 'Are Are Are' left, this one has a South touch to it and one does enjoy what composer M M Kreem offers here. Though the song isn't the kind that makes for a chartbuster, for an album where everything was equivalent to being bonus no less, 'Thoda Hans Ke' isn't a bad bet.

Neelesh Misra returns with a song of vengeance, 'Naam Apun Ka Jaani'. This one is all set to be a riot on screen, what the protagonist returning as a 'makkhi' and getting his revenge. Forceful and ferocious to the core, this one should make frequent appearance as a part of the film's background score. With Western arrangements adding to the pace and an overall energetic feel to it, it is sung well by Deepu and Rahul Sipligunj who bring just the right spice that one would have associated with a theme song like this. With the 'remix version' bringing the voice of a 'makkhi', it only adds on to the fun.

Remember the music video of a non-film song that was shot with Krishan Kumar years ago, 'Guzare Zamaane Yaad Aate Hai'? The same song is recreated by MM Kreem (who had also done the original) in the form of 'Lava Lava'. This time around the singer is Anuj Gurwara and he justifies his inclusion by coming up with a rendition which is in complete contrast to his work just a few minutes back in 'Thoda Hans Ke'. A theme song written by Sravana Bhargavi, it should add on to the film's narrative.

Last to arrive is 'Sapnon Ki Ek' which is sung by Kaala Bahirava. With a fairy tale base to it, it is a core situational song written by Anuj Gurwara and doesn't quite add much weight to the album musically. In fact one waits to see how this slow moving number really adds on to the film's narrative since as a standalone number, it doesn't cut much ice.


Makkhi is largely made of theme and situational numbers that should make a good impression along with the film's narrative. However commercially there isn't much in the offering except for 'Are Are Ar' which, unfortunately, has hardly been promoted. Though it would be futile to expect the album registering good sales, the soundtrack should make the film a fairly entertaining watch.


Are Are Are, Naam Apun Ka Jaani

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