4 Very Good

Hi ppl,

Ok this time I will not be biased and tell you what the film is all about and what it is worth.
1. First thing first the film is not massala it is a simple and very contempery film with superstars.
2. Secound thing the film's script is not bad however the script need tightning up and if the writer would have given another thought on the script dramatic and turning point then it would have been a beautifull and heart touching story.

3. Even dou the film doesn't make you cry, it certainly do make you laugh at curtain points but the film has 2 really big stars such as Salman Khan (after Wanted) and Kareena Kapoor (after Jab We Mat.. we don't expect any dissapointment from kareena) and due to this reason we go into the theaters with huge expectations.

4. The film is a good sweet and simple story with less dramatic moments.

5. Perfomaces are very good by the leading cast

6. Directer not good ... at the scale that the film is made on the director should have been someone like Anurage Basu, Imtiaz ali even sohail khan himself would have done a much better and impresive job with the same script.

7. The film looks very good visually.

8. The film DO NOT disaapoint in a major way like these critis are talking about the film is watchable and also likable at many many moments in the film.

9. the bigging of the film is very good and the ending is very good.

10. if you are a salman khan and kareena kapoor fan you must watch this film because it shows a different side to them and you really feel they characters.