1 Poor

There are three types of movies which become successful... ONE ...the movies which are extremely high on entertainiment value... TWO ...the movies which have such strong plot ... THREE ... the movies where the direction and performances of the actors are so strong that all other loopholes are covered.

in addition to this, there is a FOURTH type...the movies which dont qualify on any of the above mentioned three types...this type of movies are destined to be doomed at the box office...and this is exactly what has happened with "Main aur Mrs. Khanna".

I'm a big Salman Khan fan; I'm a big Kareena Kapoor fan; and more importantly, i'm a big fan of well made Romantic Movies with a reasonable amount of light and heavy moments. So this should be very evident that i was expecting so much from this film.

but unfortunately, this one has turned out to be one of the most disappointing movies of the whole year so far.

The idea was fine...but the execution is totally below the mark. Direction; Performances; Screenplay; Dialogues...everything is way below expectations.

the only reasonable performance comes from Kareena and she too looks tired and over-worked. Sohail Khan tries his best to pitch a decent perfromance, but i dont know why his role has turned out to be one of the most irritating parts of the movie. There are only two things which are more irritating than his role...First is BAPPI LEHRI and his role...i mean why in the world after all these years, he has felt a sudden urge to act????? a big quesiton...to which even BAPPI wouldn't be able to answer.

The second most irritating thing is the use of the word "MRS. KHANNA"...at least twice in every dialgoue...i mean common...gimme a break...the girl's name was raina...we know that she is Mrs. KHANNA...we understand that sohail called her so because his own sir name was Khanna and it was his wishful thinking to call her Mrs. Khanna...but this could be done by refereing her with this name a few time here and there...whats the point in making it a part of every dialogue. SIMPLY ANNOYING. and how many husbands call their wives MRS_____ ??? SO UNREALISTIC.

as for Salman's part...the makers have deceived his fans by protraying his role as a full-fledge role...what infact we get is a half-baked extended special appearance. and that too is disappointing...as a Salman Khan fan...before going to watch each of his films...i literally pray for him to be speaking with full mouth...i did the same this time...and my wish was not granted as his tight upper lip kept on hiding half of the effect from his already weakly written dialogues. Cummon Salman, your dialogue deliver was so effective in WANTED...but then we know Salman...he has this habit of doing such movies every now and then which fall way below the level of his immense talent. but still ... WE LOVE SALMAN KHAN and i really wish that LONDON DREAMS washes away every impact of the bad taste that MAMK has left on the taste buds of quality hungry fans like myself.