4.5 Excellent

Firstly, I am very disappointed with Taran’s review which is totally flawed. I decided not to watch this movie and wouldn’t have if my girlfriend didn’t force me to. This is a very nice, simple and sweet love story. Kareena acted very well and after a long time it seems Salman is concentrating on his acting abilities. Only flaw I found with this movie was Sohail Khan, they could have used another actor to enact this part as the emotion needed was missing and Sohail isn’t mature enough to enact such important role. Anyone wishing to see sweet, simple love story that deals with real life struggles and gives you a smile at the end, this movie is for YOU.

I hope soon people stop reading reviews as these reviews are only to blackmail the producers and generate income, come on 1.5 star for this movie and 4 for BLUE!

I always give my honest opinion and I AM NOT a fan of any actors, I like all good movies.