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Main Aur Charles Music Review



You are really unsure of what to expect from the music of Main Aur Charles. A biopic which is expected to be thrilling and dramatic, a similar flavor is pretty much on the cards from the music as well. For a film belonging to this genre, it is rather surprising to see as many as seven tracks in the album with a horde of composers, lyricists and singers - mostly newcomers coming together.


Newcomer Aditya Trivedi steps in as a composer and singer for the opening number 'Neeli Bullet' which goes with the characterization of the central protagonist here. With a mix of rock and retro feel to it, this one could well be the theme track that plays right through the film. Strictly situational, this Kartik Chaudhry written number could well generate some sort of excitement while it is heard along with big screen visuals.

There is some serenity though in the proceedings with Jonita Gandhi getting a solo for herself in the form of 'Woh Tho Yahin Hai Lekin'. This one too has a Western base to it, courtesy composer Vipin Patwa, and yet again goes on to introduce Charles and the mystery surrounding him. Dr. Sagar's lyrics have certain poetic, yet haunting feel to them and one expects this one to play while Charles' escapades are on.

Bally Grunge, Saugat Upadhaya and Subhradeep Das come together to create 'Ya Rabba' which is written by Rohan Moktali. Sounding like a non-film song, this one belongs to the rock zone and has Saugat Upadhaya behind the mike. A song about falling in love and going through the pain that comes with it, 'Ya Rabba' is a high octane number and has a good ring to it. Give this one a hear.

It is retro sound that is heard all over again in Aditya Trivedi composed and Kartik Chaudhry written 'Dekhe Meri Aankhon Mein Jo'. Saba Azad, who did make her presence felt with another retro number 'Calcutta Kiss' [Detective Byomkesh Bakshy! ], gets into a cabaret outing while singing this one which has a good pace to it and the right twists and turns that go along with the genre. Expect this one to be good fun.

The team of composers Bally Grunge, Saugat Upadhaya and Subhradeep Das is back, this time with singer Bally Grunge, for 'Jee Lo Yaaron'. A song about living life to the fullest, this is pretty much in line with Charles' characterization in the film, which is that of being fearless and 'bindaas'. An upbeat number which should go well with the film's narrative, this one keeps up with the pace of rest of the album.

Vipin Patwa and Dr. Sagar return with 'Main To Yahin Hoon Lekin', this time with Pakistani singer Ali Azmat of 'Junoon' fame. Heard earlier in 'Garaj Baras' [Paap] and 'Maula' [Jism 2], he gets into a pensive outing all over again for this song which stays in the same mode while trying to be in the upbeat mode with heavy use of instruments. A song for the background score, it is just about decent and ends in quick time.

The album concludes with a retro outing 'Theme Of Charles'. Aditya Trivedi, who has created two retro numbers earlier on, gets to do the honors for this one too and puts together a song that takes a minute and a half to get to the point but does turn impressive from here on. Play this one on and you are transported back to the 70s.


Main Aur Charles has the kind of music that fits in well into the 70s milieu. Though one doesn't really see many chartbusters emerging out of it, the soundtrack should sound well in the film's milieu and setting.


'Theme Of Charles', 'Ya Rabba', 'Dekhe Meri Aankhon Mein Jo'

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