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In a film which is about 'Sai Baba', it is but natural that the soundtrack too would boast primarily of devotional songs. With hundreds of devotional tracks already made for Sai Baba, one looks forward to what does composer Anup Jalota have in store for the audience with his score in Maalik Ek.


Its a bunch of kids that brings on a collective laughter to kick start 'Sai Baba Achche'. A chorus track with Jackie Shroff (playing the role of Sai Baba) holding the baton for the song with intermittent laughter being thrown around; ' Sai Baba Achche' has an innocent appeal to it which goes with the genre. Written by Amit Khanna, this one is about Sai Baba narrating the tale of Lord Rama.

Anup Jalota brings himself on a singer as well for 'Sai Naam Mein Jadoo Aisa' which is written by Manoj Kumar. Expectedly a devotional track, this one is in praise of Sai Baba and Shirdi. Strictly for the followers of devotional tracks and especially Sai Baba, this one takes the album forward in the expected direction.

Sameer writes 'Sagare Jagat Mein' which has Jagjeet Singh at the helm of affairs in the singing capacity. One can sense a marked difference coming in the album as the experienced singer leaves his mark yet again in this yet another devotional track. Accomplished singers continue to make their presence felt, this time with Ghulam Ali arriving on the scene. This time around, the mood is that of exuberance and celebration with Amit Khanna written 'Diwali Mein Ali Ram Ramzan Mein' turning out to be a fusion of faith with Hindu as well as Islam religion being equated as one.

It is back to Sai Baba soon after though with Anuradha Paudwal (returning after a hiatus) coming behind the mike with Anup Jalota and Sumeet Tapoo. Titled 'Sabse Pyaara Mera Sai Baba', this devotional track is about a 'rakhi' being tied to Sai Baba. It is surprising though to hear Shreya Ghoshal singing ' De De Thoda Sa Pyaar' which deviates the album from it's devotional setting. Still, one doesn't mind that since it brings some variety into the album which was primarily one-dimensional so far. The element of simplicity remains intact though in this Amit Khanna written number.

It isn't every day when Anup Jalota and Pankaj Udhas come on the same platform. However, the devotional mood of the album makes that possible as well with Pankaj Udhas singing a traditional number ' Sai Baba Geet Sudha'.


Maalik Ek is the kind of album which is basically focused at those who wish to hear an array of devotional tracks in one single setting. This also means that as a movie album, this won't have much reach since the film by itself hasn't been promoted at all. However, as a standalone album that could be marketed without the trapping of being a score for a film in particular, Maalik Ek does have a few tracks that would be picked up by the followers of Sai Baba.


Sagare Jagat Mein, Diwali Mein Ali Ram Ramzan Mein

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