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Love Shagun Music Review



It is that time of the year when practically every week there is a film arriving with the word 'Love', 'Ishq' or 'Sanam' in the title. Now it is the turn for Love Shagun, a unique title indeed, with Ashish Pandit, Rishi - Siddharth & Band of Bandagi pitching in as composers. Lyrics are put together by Ashish Pandit, Moied Elhaam, Siddharth Amit Bhavsar & Gurpreet Sam B.


It is Arjit Singh's voice that is heard first in Love Shagun for the song 'Hairaani'. A romantic number that actually begins on a dull note and doesn't gather much energy even with the coming in of newcomer singer Sakina Singh (who sings in a Westernized andaaz), this one just about passes muster even though it tries to step into 'Tu Hai Ki Nahi' [Roy] zone.

There is much more energy on display with Kunal Ganjawal's 'Saathiya' and this could well have been the opening track of the album. Yet another romantic number, this one at least brings on some pace into the proceedings. Though the tune is again nothing exceptional and has a heard-before feel to it with an Indi-pop touch, the final results are still better than 'Hairaani', hence making you play it on again. Rishi Singh's voice is heard too as a supporting vocalist.

Meanwhile, a quintessential party song comes next with Bob announcing the stage and setting with his rap rendition. Soon enough, Aditi Singh Sharma comes on the scene and gets into the 'give me booze and I will get drunk' avtar. Result? It is time for some 'Hichkiyan', a word that goes totally well with the intoxicated mood that is created for a drunken outing like this. Overall, a decent outing.

After a drunken night out, the morning after necessitates that a coffee is on the way. Well, this is what happens when Siddharth Amit Bhavsar and Keka Ghoshal come together to make some 'Coffee'. A peppy track that has its 'mukhda' pretty much set in an ad jingle mode, it is a Hinglish outing which should go well with the film's narrative.

A horde of singers come together in the form of Tochi Raina, Prashant Satose, Deblina, Archana Thammala & Sayantan Dutta, and together they croon 'Kalol Ho Gaya', which has a Bengali start to it. Though the beginning gives an impression of a traditional celebration number in the offering, all hopes come dashing down as this one too turns out to be a 'daaru' outing. Really, this has to come to a stop in a jiffy now!


Though none of the songs is a chartbuster material here, lack of awareness around the soundtrack would further impact its popularity even in the short run, leave aside the long run.


'Saathiya', 'Hichkiyaan'

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