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Love Ke Chakkar Mein Movie Review

Love Ke Chakkar Mein Movie Rating

Laughter is a difficult emotion to capture on celluloid. But not all storytellers can achieve the impossible. LOVE KE CHAKKAR MEIN is a desperate attempt at creating a comedy of errors. As the film lacks a substantial script, it just fails to connect with the moviegoer. In fact, the supposed laughathon comes across as a compilation of several masala comedies, resulting in a film that makes no sense at all.

Vikram [Aarnav Bhatia] is a jobless MBA, who rides expensive bikes but does not have a job or a house to call his own. As the story moves forward, he gets attracted to Neha, a girl he meets on chat and after a year, decide to meet. They find themselves in love the minute they meet. He also proposes on the first date itself and she readily accepts. But her father puts up a condition: Vikram should get a job within seven days.

Vikram goes for a lot of interviews, but is rejected everywhere. He meets Armaan Kochar [Rishi Kapoor], a desperate middle-aged man wanting to sleep with girls half his age. A married man, his wife has an Ekta Kapoor TV serial hangover. Armaan offers a job to Vikram on the condition that he will send his girlfriend with Armaan for one night. Vikram declines the offer, but agrees later on his friend's advice.

So, instead his girlfriend, he sends a call girl over to Armaan. Eventually, he gets the job and the marriage is fixed. But Neha's aunt wants Vikram to get his own house. So he approaches his boss again and needless to say, the same situation arises. But all's well that ends well.

There's nothing original about LOVE KE CHAKKAR MEIN. In fact, the story gets over in the first hour itself. What follows is the same monotony and a desperate attempt to create comical situations. The writing is completely out of form. Even the direction [B.H. Tharun Kumar] is lackluster. Besides, the film needs to be trimmed by at least 20-25 minutes. Even the music is not worth mentioning.

Rishi Kapoor looks completely disinterested. In fact, roles such as the one in LOVE KE CHAKKAR MEIN don't suit him. Aarnav Bhatia needs to take care of his expressions. Parmita should go easy on make up. Shoma Anand irritates. Satish Shah is okay.

On the whole, LOVE KE CHAKKAR MEIN is a poor show.

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