1 Poor

When you have only compulsion and opportunity to make a film rather than a script at least. Result has to be like this. Director Mr. Vikram Bhatt is writer of this irritating game so he has to be fully blamed of this waste of time of audience. Only starting few minutes of many films give you idea that how it is going to be. Film opens with a body crashing on a car. His younger and good looking wife is mourning in front of Police then locks herself in bedroom and her cry converts into laughter. This opening scene is so stale. This first bite gives you the bitter taste about the rest meal. Film is full of irritating melo drama with topping of bad performances. Screenplay has everything except mind. Dialogues are good at places. One can sneak into bedroom of a high profile person house and even with opening door with keys!? A girl is sleeping so soundly even after being brutally beaten, as screenplay says but doesn't look like, that sneaking person make love on carpet while she is sleeping!? Police comes in starting to investigate for the first death but then vanishes in nowhere or writer had just forget or didn't think it worth to take ahead!? A person takes another person body so easily from a high profile Hospital like cake walk!? Buried in graveyard and after something comes in front of you in climax, which is just ridiculously kiddies. Just tossing a medical drug is enough to justify all this as makers think. Climax and pre climax is so haphazard. Performance wise Patralekha as Ramona is good at places. Main lead Gaurav Arora as Sam has some unusual looks but he is almost blank and unbearable in emotional scenes. He has weird walks. Tara Alisha Berry is dumb doll.