3.5 Very Good

I saw a very well made movie the other day called "LISTEN AMAYA" ........it was like a breath of oxygen in an other wise polluted city !! Had it not been for my favorite star cast, I would have in all probability given it a miss, considering the fact that it had zero publicity and only one show timing.

It wasn't just a movie...it was sheer magic. The flow was relaxed, acting effortless yet powerful , and situations one could easily relate to. With the direction being crisp, effective, and sensitive, not once did the movie stray from its original story line.

It is a mature, gently handled love story about two adults who find companionship in each other, and how they deal with the turmoil that goes on in their minds when they come face to face with reality . What stands out in this simple story is the dignified and subtle performances by Faroouq Sheikh and Deepti Naval. They have blended beautifully with their on screen characters, and have come across naturally and without any artificiality. Amaya (Swara Bhaskar) as the daughter has given a powerful performance which covers a wide range of emotions and leaves one surprised !....she’s like a volcano which erupts in fits and starts, and emerges as a bundle of talent.....watchable, understandable, and totally lovable.

The remix of"EK LAADKI BHEEGI BHAAGI SI “ was unexpected, and created the excitement of a "flash -mob" .....electrifying and up lifting, with great timing, lots of foot tapping energy and excellent editing. Raghav played by Siddhant Karnick, is easy on the eye, and succeeds in holding the plot together by the very nature of his presence……cute,funny,serious ,and someone whose able to blend in without too much of an effort. He’s in and out of the story like an elf and lives his role to a T.

It is sad that such a movie will move away from the halls, unsung and almost unheard ....... films like these make an impact, and show us how to face life’s challenges with an open mind, understanding and compassion. kudos to the entire cast and crew for giving us such a wonderful and entertaining experience, minus h loud dialogues, over the top emotions, ear-shattering music, senseless violence, and the proverbial "item number!!" .........."ARE YOU LISTENING?"