Lakeerein Movie


A courtroom drama based on the theme of marital rape, where a married woman is seeking justice against her husband, it often remains underreported and stigmatized due to societal misconceptions about consent within marriage. Such a storyline has the potential to shed light on important social and legal issues related...

Based on the real life story of Marital Rape Victim. “Lakeerein” is a dramatic tale of women's quest to seek justice and how she faces her husband and her rapist in court. Set in Lucknow, “Lakeerein” follows Kavya's transformation from a simple-girl to a strong woman who fights against all odds. Kavya gets help from renowned advocate Geeta Bishwas as She faces cunning advocate Dudhari Singh who is defending her husband professor Vivek Agnihotri. Geeta while fighting for Kavya realizes that this is happening all around her and marital rape is common problem respective of class of women . Geeta is facing a lawyer like Dudhari Singh who has a great reputation and an egomaniac. The film also follows the life of people close to Geeta who has also faced such atrocities like her maid Naseema whose husband repeatedly rape her which caused miscarriage and her friend Anita who lost her life after being raped by her husband Ravi Verma, who is generally a good man but her under influence of alcohol he lost control. Geeta fight hard in court against Dudhari Singh which showcase what a women go through behind closed doors of their bedroom which is supposed to be safest place for women and questions society's morality and why does law differentiate between married and unmarried women when it comes to recognizing rape as their is no provision against marital rape . Is marriage license to rape ? Wife's consent not matter ? Does a wife have no right to say No. ?

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