4 Very Good

Lagaan, produced by AAmir Khan and Written and Directed by Ashutosh Cowariker and with lyrics by Javed Akhtar and music by A.R. Rahman prove a romantic masterpiece. While most films of this day regarding the genre of romance often turn to momentary pleasure - Lagaan prove that classical romances still live.
During this year of 1893, the English persecuted the people of India during this time period mercilessly. Raja must go against his India tradition and eat meat when Captain Russel knows this goes against the humble man's belief system. And while some critics believe the major scene regarding the cricket match exhibit the feel of the movie - many other aspects of the film stand out to me that seem more providential to mention. i.e. The main language the villages speak is Avadhi which completely restrict its prospects on the North Belt (Mainly Uttar Pradesh, Bihar). And the way the captain uses and exploits the native Indian people of this land do not fail to mention.

The acting performance of Aamir Khan as an avid lover he demonstrate with complete sincerity and the best of ability and is believable. His female love recriprocates with the beautiful dance of the 'Radha Kaise na Jale' and enact a traditional endearment of India history.

The sets in the movie who Nitin Desai worked on and filmed authentically on location represent a true slice of the geographic beauty of the land of India itself. This is a movie of Aamir Khan Productions.
This is a super-hit movie.