2.5 Good

Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamana

Just can’t figure out why all the newspapers have given
negative reviews to this movie. Is something wrong with our movie critics?

So much identification with the characters in the move. The
reviewers seemed to have missed the point completely.

See it once and you will agree. Good music, a refreshingly
different theme which could happen in our lives too. Entertaining in parts for sure. Would definately say its a one time watchable flick.

Unfortunately, a lot of English dialogues, though translated
later into Hindi. Not a movie for the masses but for classes

A good first time directorial attempt by Amar Butala. Rekha has done a fantastic job of potraying an ageing socialite.

Ashmit Patel brings a fresh look and Mahima has appeal!!! Kim is the prefect representation of a scatter brain one sees on party circuits.

Maybe the critics had another angle?? The movie definately does not deserve the vicious criticism it has received. The strange fact is that almost all the reviews are more or less on the same lines.