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Despite names like Pritam, Irsahd Kamil and Vipul Shah associated with Kucch Luv Jaisaa, you are not really overtly enthusiastic to check out what does the music has to offer here. Reason being that this is not a conventional romantic affair, the promotion too hasn't focused on the music element and also the cast (Rahul Bose, Shifaali Shah) isn't the kind from which one expects a chartbuster soundtrack. With apprehensions around what the album has to offer, you reluctantly play it on, only to be pleasantly surprised.


It's a smooth beginning for Kucch Luv Jaisaa with the beginning portions of 'Naina' catching your attention immediately. A melodious love song that has Monali Thakur making her presence felt at the very beginning, courtesy the sound that reminds one of 'Bheegi Si Bhaagi Si' (Raajneeti), 'Naina' is a song that want to check out all over again in a repeat mode. A pleasant sounding number that could have found itself sitting comfortably in any quintessential love story coming out of Bollywood, 'Naina' deserves to be promoted aggressively.

Anupam Amod, who had done a fabulous job with 'Saude Bazi' [Aakrosh] last year, is in his elements all over again with 'Thoda Sa Pyaar'. Even though Sunidhi Chauhan leads the show and is quite effective while rendering the song in a soft tone, Anupam too makes his presence felt. Moving ahead at a decent pace while being in synch with the overall flow of the album so far (after a good start with 'Naina'), 'Thoda Sa Pyaar' is song that is heard again a couple of times. First it arrives as a solo by Mannan Shaah (for the version 'Raghav's Search For Love') who does well in what is pretty much an unplugged version. Later it is also heard as a Naresh Iyer solo with Shefali Alvaris arriving as a backup vocalist for the version 'Madhu's Search For Love'. Needless to say, the song only continues to grow on you as you hear it repeatedly.

There is some variation that is brought to the album with a fun filled 'Baadlon Pe Paon' coming next that has a rock setting to it. Seeingly a track that describes the sense of liberation for the female protagonist who is letting go off all her worries and is more focused on living life the way she wants, 'Baadlon Pe Paon' is a situational track by Mannan Shaah that should go well with the film's narrative.

The album returns to the point from where it started with 'Khwab'. A song that has Pritam written all over it, it reminds of the kind of music that he has been known for most after Life In A Metro. In fact on closer hearing it pretty much sounds like being suited for Emraan Hashmi and it is quite surprising that the actor didn't eye this one for his earlier films. Nevertheless, it is the team of Kucch Luv Jaisaa that gets lucky here as 'Khwab' appears in two versions, both sung quite effectively by Nikhil D'Souza. First to arrive is a 'rock version' and the next is a little more subtle in accordance with the theme 'Raghav's Confession'.


Kucch Luv Jaisaa may not boast of that single chartbuster massy track that by itself elevates an album's prospects. However listen to in entirety and you have a good theme album all set to be enjoyed. For those who want their songs to be softer in nature with melody leading from the front and Western arrangements backing them up, Kucch Luv Jaisaa turns out to be a good deal. Now if only the album as well as the film wouldn't have arrived amidst a crowd and had seen more focused promotion on the music, it may just have managed to reach out to a much wider audience.


Naina, Khwab

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