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KRISHNA is Bollywood's second attempt at animation after HANUMAN [third technically, if you take BHAGGMATI - THE QUEEN OF FORTUNES, which was part live, part animation]. What makes animation films tick are two factors: The animation should be of high quality and of course, the content.

While the content of KRISHNA is interesting, it's not backed by high quality animation. The animation here is average, not at par with HANUMAN. Also, while several unknown facts of Hanuman were unraveled in HANUMAN, that's not the case in KRISHNA. Some aspects in the story should've been a revelation.

KRISHNA tells the story of Lord Krishna's birth, his childhood in Vrindavan and his slaying of Kansa, the evil ruler. The film features various adventures of his childhood, including his clashes with demons, and many more. This animated feature also brings to life Lord Krishna's naughty aspects like stealing butter and playing the flute and attracting the gopis.

Lord Krishna's story has inspired generations. In this animation movie, a number of sequences are deftly handled, especially in the second hour. The music is also tuneful and the simple wordings are easy to grasp. However, the background score could've been more effective. The voiceovers are in sync.

On the whole, KRISHNA is an average animation film that should've been released during the vacations, not during the examination period.

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Krishna is better than Hanuman and would be enjoyed by both children and adults.

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