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Vicky Films� KRANTI, directed by Naresh Malhotra, tells the story of a father and son, both honest police officers, who have the same goals but entirely different principles.

Awadesh Pratap Singh (Vinod Khanna), Commissioner of Police, is a man who believes in living his life according to certain principles that have been laid down in the past and have never been changed since.

ACP Abhay Pratap Singh (Bobby Deol) is the able son of an able father. He lives life on his own terms and firmly believes that the laws written earlier were good for that time, but have to be modified for being made effective in the current scenario.

Trouble comes in the form of a wealthy businessman, Rana Pratap (Kabir Bedi), who will do anything to bring unrest and harm to the people of India. He has no principles for reaching his goal and will do so at any cost. When he realizes that Abhay is troubling him, he gets him jailed for the offences he hasn�t committed.

Abhay�s mission after his release from jail is to prove to his father that he is being used by this influential man, who is planning to create unrest in the country for his own benefit at the cost of innocent people. Abhay succeeds in proving a point to his father and a major calamity is
averted just at the nick of time.

The film is a routine revenge drama and the storyline has nothing novel to offer. The father-son conflict of ethics and moral values has been attempted umpteen times before. To start with, the film gives the impression of being a father and son conflict drama right from the very first reel, but the conflict angle is totally sidelined as the story moves ahead.

The screenplay abounds in moments that are hard to absorb. For instance, the manner in which Amisha tries to get across to the honest police officers, seems ridiculous and childish. Another example is that of Vinod Khanna, a principle-minded Police Commissioner, who does not think twice before lying in the court to rescue his son. This itself contradicts the honest character Vinod Khanna is portraying on the screen. In both the above instances and several other scenes as well, one gets the impression that the writer seems to have taken the audience for granted.

Even the romantic track is far from convincing. Moreover, Bobby is shown chasing the wrong-doers throughout the film, which gets so monotonous after a point that it starts getting on the nerves of the already restless viewer. Also, there is no relief in the narrative in the form of comedy or light moments.

Even the music is far from melodious. The picturisation of songs also bears the predictable look, with the locales and the choreography being the run-of-the-mill types. Moreover,
the songs are forced in the goings-on and bear no justification to the plot whatsoever.

One starts investing faith towards the pre-climax, when the story gathers some momentum, but the sequences that follow do precious little to elevate the film. However, a few action sequences are skilfully executed. Dialogues are routine. Editing is loose. Cinematography is just about okay.

Considering the fact that the story is oft-repeated, the director could have at least scored in its treatment, but Naresh Malhotra lets you down completely. The way the goings-on are treated make the film look like an old-fashioned saga, dating back to the 80s.

Bobby Deol looks disinterested in the goings-on. Also, he tends to go overboard in several sequences. Amisha Patel�s role is limited to a few songs and a handful of scenes that hardly contributes to the upliftment of the film. Vinod Khanna is his usual self. Rati Agnihotri is average. Kabir Bedi is okay. Dalip Tahil is wasted.

On the whole, KRANTI is a poor show all the way, which will fail to bring about any revolution at the box-office. Below average.

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