2.5 Good


Does this Kite FLY. I do not think the movie was mad with a lot of brain but into it. I watched the movie last night in NJ. At the end few people claped. I was thinkig why they were claping and they go "Thank god this movie is over". People walking out didnt not like it and I was almost in that same boat. I love HR and Mori but they did not have that many hot scenes in the movie. HR acting is at par and so it Moris. I think the action is the best part of the movie. This movie tugs at the heart way too much. I think sometimes it went over board. CROSSOVER film I hear about Kites. Well Mexican will watch it and Spanish people becuase I saw them there last night. The collections will be good in those areas. It might make alot of money there but I do not think it is a Crossover film in any respect. At the end Kites is wortha one time watch. Two and a half to stars as the movie is average. LV was the same thing they show the water show and I already have seen that. THe strip I have walked it. I have gambeled almost everywhere there. I will be going there again not so cool about the location. I guess it is for people that have never been to LV. I guess i like the parts that are not shot there.