4 Very Good


I would give Kites 4/5.
Its truely an experimental movie.
One thing is; its not that easy to experiment in such a way.
We have to appreciate the makers. Anurag basu has done a good job.
There are no Rakesh Roshan shades in the movie.
Hrithik could be more better in few scenes. He has to improve in them.
Script doesnt demand more for Kangana. Barbara is cool. Girl next door in her country. Rajesh Roshan worked with Anurag Basu but not with his brother. So the music goes Anurag's way.
Cinematography, Production design, Background Score, costumes, editing, make up, visuals with color are good. But the script(writing) and the screen play should have been much better adding some more elements which could commercialize the film more. This should be a lesson for a commercially weak script for high budget films made in a couple of years or more time. Definitely, it could have been better if the script is fine tuned. Finally its worth watching for the effort the makers have kept.