4.5 Excellent


We all should stop living in our boxes and playing with things we know or we’re told are good and safe!! If you don’t have the guts to come out of your small lil’ world then at least don’t discourage them who are thinking out of the box and trying to bring about a change…as always when we see something new we either take it with both hands or we say it’s bad and smash it down because of the insecurities we have in our hearts that whether we’ll be able to adapt to the change in our surroundings..
That’s exactly what is happening with KITES- unfortunately some people are still not able to face reality and are too scared to come out of their box and call it good!! As far as people who love GOOD CINEMA are definitely going to love kites!! Coz what’s made from a good heart will surely reach pure and honest film lovers’ heart !!
Some are saying in fact many are saying that film’s language is a barrier. For them I’d like to say films were made with characters not speaking a single word and still people understood the emotions. And for kites I’d say you don’t need to know Spanish or even read subtitles ‘cause the performance of Barbara is so good that you’ll understand what she’s trying to say in her adorable accent and broken English!! What some are pointing out as week points in the film are actually the strong ones!!
After commercial successes who would expect hrithik to attempt something so real and honest?? But He does and does it with perfection once again!! His performance in the movie is very different from what we’ve seen from him in the last decade!! Which as we all know was exceptionally good and this one is even better!!
Barabara Mori- She’s got it in her eyes…perfect for the role and her performance was upto the mark..mind you whichever actors have previously worked with Hrithik(with Ash as an exception) have been overshadowed by his performance but that’s not the case with kites!! Barbara is not like Katrina who looks good but we’ve never seen her act..frankly!! Barbara can act and she is in fact a great actor!!
Story- some points are very good some are not so good but overall it’s a simple, honest, touching story which has nothing artificial and speaks to a good cinema lover’s heart.
Cinematography- Exceptionally GOOD!! Not just the locations where the film is shot but the way it has been shot is mind blowing to say the least!! Best you’ve ever seen in any film worldwide!!
Overall- 4/5 rating!! KITES is a very different film for Indian audience and a refreshing experience to those who are bored of watching same age old bollywood rona-dhona and unnecessary naach gana!!
A simple story packed with outstanding performances and shot in the best possible way- a treat to watch!! Don’t expect something superficial or mirch masala from this movie as it is a very honest movie and is bound to cross boundaries!! That’s how a global film is made!!
Warning: don’t go if you don’t know English at all( haha in that case you would not have been reading this) ;)