3.5 Very Good

Kismat Konnection
Kismet connection, the film directed by Aziz Mirza, is firstly not a hard core love story. Its like all Mirza's last films, Raju Bangaya Gentlemen, Yess Boss or Chalte Chalte, the story is based on people and their emotions.
As said, Kismat play a big role in the film. Its based on Lucky-unlucky, fetish. But its not only about that.
Raj is a guy, who never gets his place eventhough he is talented. Its said us also a story about Priya, who is lucky for raj. Its about how raj tried to make his luck and win the achievement on the presence of Priya.
He used Priya for himself. But when he falls in love with her, he can't betrayed her more. How... till the last, Priya holds the luck of raj.

Its a sweet film, as the chemistry between Shahid and Vidya is Sweet. They share a tremendous chemistry. Second things is the comic angle. The first meetings between the two are quite awesome. Its more about Raj than Raj-Priya movie. We wish, Vidya gets some scenes more in the film. Its because, the story more focused on Raj. Another minus factor is the un-necessory in preclimax, like, helping people and global warming, the two opposite subject are relate illogically.
Cinematography is excellent. Toronto brings us back to 80-90s. But one question, what make Mr.Aziz Mirza to set the film in Canada?
Music by Pritam stands out. Kismat Konnection, Its this love, Ba Khuda are the best in the film.

Shahid Kapur is good to very good in his role, but he can be excellent if you has done some more efforts. As for Vidya, she's great, leaving a great impression. she look is also cute, in shorts hair. But She can't dance. She'ld dance a bit as Soniye features very good dancer Shahid with zero Vidya. Juhi is excellent in the role, while Om Puri is average. Himani Shivpuri is efficient. Raj friend is first rate. Boman Irani, as usual, impress in this brief role.
On the whole, Kismat Konnection is a very delight and sweet movie. Its works for its comedy and Shahid-Vidya chemistry. Go and watch it, I gurantee, you won't feel losing your time and money.