4 Very Good

Kismat Konnection

When you design and fabricate a product with heart invovled it shows. There is no elaboration for simplicity. Simplicity cannot be further simplified and that is the gist of this movie. The story is very simple and communicates so to each and every viewer that actually comes to see this movie. The performances are director dominated. At no point does the audience feel that the actors are actually trying to magnify anything and to explicise any of their personal style. The movie reminds us of the old Hrishikesh Mukherjee movies where the actors were normal human beings with a noble cause in the movie and only wanted to depict life as it is resulting in a good ending that is digested by each and every one who is watching the movie. Aziz Mirza is one of the finest directors that we have and that has been proved with time. The most important thing is that Mirza doesn't cheat the audience. When somebody is going to watch a Aziz Mirza film he/she is prepared with a mindset to watch a simple movie with simple storyline and believable characters, and this is fulfilled in everyway. There is no effor to experiment which is good sometimes, because the director is very much aware of his limitations and consolidates on his strength, which is the key factor for improvisation.