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Kismat Konnection Music Review


Now one strongly believes that this one can't really go wrong. After all with names like Pritam, Shahid Kapoor, TIPS, UTV and Aziz Mirza involved, there is no reason why the music of Kismat Konnection shouldn't 'konnect' with the audience. Add to it the great run that everyone associated with the film is enjoying off late and one is led to believe that the music of Kismat Konnection would be just the right follow up to Pritam's hit brigade of 2008 - Race and Jannat. With lyrics by Sayeed Qadri and Shabbir Ahmed, one plays on the album with great anticipation.

It takes not more than 30 seconds to warm up to 'Aai Paapi (Tu Hai Meri Soniye) ' which sets the groove on from the very first note. With Shabbir Ahmed's mix of English and Hindi lyrics seemingly getting a glee on the face of Neeraj Sridhar, 'Aai Paapi' is the title song with the words 'Kismat Konnection' making an intermittent appearance. Though there is another male voice being quite prominent in the song throughout, it has surprisingly not been credited.

Coming back to this dance number which is quite a riot when it reappears in the 'remix version', 'Aai Paapi' has a word 'chartbuster' written all over it. Add to that the overall club feel of the song which should heat up the dance floors in weeks to come coupled with Shahid's energetic moves and you know that the song is a definite crowd puller.

Said to be Shahid's personal favorite song from the album, 'Bakhuda Tumhi Ho' brings together Atif Aslam and Pritam once again after 'Pehli Nazar Mein' [Race] . Written by Sayeed Quadri, the number has Alka Yagnik pairing as Aslam's co-singer even though she comes only mid-way into the song. The number is special since it merges styles of both Pritam and Atif Aslam and doesn't result in any of the two loosing their identity or taking over the show completely.

A beautiful melody that carries an Indian feel throughout and boasts of some eye catchy picturisation, courtesy the foreign outdoor locales it has been shot at, 'Bakuhda' is easily the second potentially successful number in a row after a rocking opening number.

Though one is not too sure about the relevance of a 'remix version' for a song like 'Bakhuda', one suspiciously plays it on. However, there is a surprise in store as this version doesn't harm the original even bit and doesn't even turn out to be a 'remix' in true sense. Instead it just comes with slightly different beats and rendition that only adds on to the effect and makes it a further enjoyable hearing.

The moment one sees the team of Shaan, Hard Kaur and Akruti Kakkar coming together for a song that goes like 'Move Your Body Now', you know what to expect. Well, what else but yet another urban rocking number which would set your feet tapping after very first listening! The song pretty much succeeds in doing so, especially due to coming together of varied styles brought to fore by the diverse set of singers that Pritam ropes in.

With fast paced beats keeping the tempo high for this yet another dance number which fuses Western and Punjabi style well, 'Move Your Body Now' has in it to give competition to the opening number as well and should certainly turn out to be yet another chartbuster addition to the album.

Later in the album, Adeel replaces Shaan for the second version of the song while ensuring that he too keeps the momentum on for the album. A song like this certainly deserves a 'remix version' and expectedly makes an appearance to make it three times the fun! It would be a surprise if this number doesn't turn out to be a big hit in weeks to come!

It's time to move into serene surroundings with the advent of 'Is This Love (Kahin Na Laage) ' which is written by Sayeed Quadri. While Shreya Ghoshal immediately gets on to the job, she is soon accompanied by Mohit Chouhan who sung a beautiful 'Tum Se Hi' for Pritam last year in Jab We Met.

Well, the impact is felt again in Kismat Konnection too as Mohit and Shreya get into yet another melodious outing which reflects the realization of love amongst the main protagonists of the story. Even though one doesn't really feel a need for the 'remix version' here, you don't really mind that due to intrinsically good sound that the song carries!

Bhangra beats mark the opening of 'Soniye Ve (Dhak Dhak Dhak) ' which soon comes so close to Pritam's own 'Chori Chori' from Garam Masala that one starts wondering whether the entire song would follow the same course. However, that's not really the case as this Shabbir Ahmed written song gets into a different rhythm after an alarmingly similar start. But does that make 'Soniye Ve' any better? Not exactly!

Even though this Sonu Nigam and Sunidhi Chauhan song comes with trademark Pritam arrangements, the tune doesn't have much zing in it to be termed as one of THE tracks from the album. Yet again, the song arrives in a 'remix version' and while it does have a potential to warrant a promotional music video, one would rather go back to the numbers that one heard earlier in the album.

There are sure fire hits like 'Aai Paapi' and 'Move Your Body Now' in the album but beyond that it would require quite some push from the film itself to reflect in the album's sales. Though 'Bakhuda' and 'Is This Love' good, they would work mainly once the film becomes successful. Overall, Kismat Konnection promises to score well at the music stands but whether it matches up to the sales of a Race or a Jannat would have to be observed closely.

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