1 Poor

Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon

Main strength of this film is it's one liners and this is major drawback too because they didn't pay attention to story or screenplay. One liners are soul of a stand up but can't help to survive a movie. There is nothing in name of story. Screenplay is so convenient and over shadowed with its own liners. Best example of convenience is the reason of getting married to three girls. First happens due to dying father promise, second due to highly fake threat to commit suicide, third due to deaf don brother. Person doesn't even try to push his reasons hard to avoid the situation. It seems that somehow, he takes it as he is being cornered to buy some routine stuff. If, he was so concern to keep all his wives separate from each other then why does he agree to the idea of taking them all in same building!? Even a kid knows that it is most risky but he prefers because he doesn't damn care to get caught. Such type of scenes makes character confusing and rest are exaggerated characters, deaf don brother, father extra marital affair, one person already get married three times again perusing to get married to fourth one!! Dialogues by Anukalp Goswami and Dheeraj Sarna are good and makes you smiles sometimes at least. Another drawback of this film is bad performances, which is killer for any comedy. Background is so irritating. First half is unbearable, second half is OK at places. This film looks old. Performance wise Kapil Sharma is rock solid stiff. I always admire his comedy timing and spontaneity in his stage performance but here he is cautious. Throwing stone far and aiming at a point are different things. In stage show, he just has to make laugh but in movie he had to carry a character, in which he fails. In drunken scene, he is so irritating and fake. Nothing to say about rest female leads. Supporting cast is OK. An actress, who played the maid Champa is very good. She is the only relief in the name of performance. Music wise it has some foot tapping number. One song " Samadar Main, Kinara Tu" is melodious, which lyrics is written by my dear friend Mehmood Arafat. Brother , I genuinely loved the song otherwise you know me better.