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Kirkit Music Review



Sports based films are hardly made in India. Worse, they have not really been known for their music. In such a scenario comes the music of a film called Kirkit which by itself is an unknown film that is getting all set to be released pretty soon. Any expectations? Well, none even as the album cover proudly proclaims the title song to have been sung by Marcia Barette of 'Boney M' fame.


Shashi Preetam is not just the director of Kirkit but also the film's composer. In fact he also writes lyrics for some of the songs along with Masth Alee. First song to come is 'The Bad Guys Say' [which is the theme song] and has Marcia coming behind the mike. Written by Shashi Preetam, this English number has a jingle theme to it and doesn't quite cut the ice in spite of repeated hearing. At most, it passes off as an advertisement jingle but that's about it.

Years back a song called 'Aap Jaisa Koi' had made the nation jive along with its tune. Circa 2009 and Sunidhi Chauhan croons 'Aap Jaisa Koi' which has a similar opening line (as well as the music) but takes a twist soon after. Anything exciting about the song? Not really, what with this Masth Alee written number being nothing better than those countless music videos that keep hitting the telly. An ordinary track that later also arrives in a separate version sung by Vasundhra Das, 'Aap Jaisa Koi' is truly forgettable.

Usha Uttup is as usual when she croons 'Mumbai Vadapaw'. With first 'Aap Jaisa Koi' and then Usha Uttup, one wonders if Shashi Preetam was stuck in some kind of time warp as he kept going back to the 80s. A situational track about the battle between 'vada paw' and 'biryani' [the film is based on 20:20 cricket], 'Mumbai Vadapaw' is hardly interesting enough to warrant a second hearing.

Shashi Preetam does an all-rounder job of a composer, singer and lyricist in 'Bindas' which is a pitched as a youthful number but only manages to be a 90s reject from a South film. A completely uninspiring number which doesn't have a tune worth remembering, 'Bindas' - which has a Western base to it - doesn't help the cause of Kirkit, the music of which is nothing but a loosing cause by now.

Sunidhi Chauhan returns with a Masth Alee written 'Kismat' which is supposed to be an inspiring number about getting what you really want. Yet another number that has a Western base to it and tries to be all urban and youthful, 'Kismat' is a slightly better outing than the ones that came in earlier. Still, we are not really looking at a number that would be the talk of the town in weeks to follow.

Last to come is 'Vandemataram' which is yet another inspirational number that doesn't rise above the level of a jingle. While the term 'Vandemataram' comes only occasionally, this Shashi Preetam and Masth Alee number doesn't see any rise in its fortune in spite of Shaan being responsible for the vocals.





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