3.5 Very Good

Kill Dil

Dev (ranveer) and Tutu (ali zafar) are professional killers who are raised from the streets by Bhaiyaji (govinda) and trained for that job. They look upon him like their God and at one point Dev ends up saving Disha (parineeti) who was once a criminal. His love for her grows and soon decides to quit his crime life to become a common man despite Tutu's objection. Knowing this, Bhaiyaji decides to reveal about Dev's past to Disha. What happens from there forms the rest.

The director has come up with an interesting storyline and while the presentation was rich, the narrative was run of the mill.The dialogues were good some were seeti maar. The script was average and the screenplay could have been better. The background score was melodious and two songs were worth watching. Cinematography was effective. Editing was alright. Costumes were well designed to suit the backdrop while the art department was apt. Ranveer Singh was energetic, but we saw a lovable side of him in this film. Ali Zafar has given a talented performance. Parineeti Chopra looks cute and expressive, this film also shows her in her most sexiest avatar. The best among the lot was Govinda who still has not lost that fire and appeal in him.His eight minute monologue alone is reason enough to watch the film, it was fire.

Whenever a film is made, it has to be in right proportions in terms of its action, humor, romance. This film succeeds to a point, but its more of a masala entertainer reminiscent of the 90-80s .In this film, the first half goes about with elements of some comedy, some romance and some action. The interval bang was neat and the second half was good but ending was way too abrupt.Overall, Kill Dil is predictable and run of the mill, but its still entertaining and fun at many intervals. The ending to was abrupt but the film had Govinda in fine form....