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Khuda Kay Liye Music Review


One must credit Bhatt brothers for officially introducing music from Pakistan in mainstream Bollywood flicks. Though over the years many other films too have featured tunes from across the border in the soundtrack, some of them have been credited while quite a few have been plain lifted.

However, with Khuda Ke Liye, one gets a chance to get a complete official soundtrack of a Pakistan film that has been released in India. The film by Shoaib Mansoor has already made waves globally and is now coming to India. What surprises though is the complete miss out of credits for composer, singers and lyricists for the film's soundtrack! Leaving these factors behind, Khuda Ke Liye truly manages to impress with some excellent tunes making it an album that one can't afford to miss!

Now this is a kind of number which Pritam would have definitely loved to re-arrange with his own style! 'Bandya' is a quintessential sufi-rock track, a genre which has been explored in many a Bhatt and Pritam albums and still manages to entertain you time and again! 'Bandya', the rock version of which arrives first, is an excellent tune with a great pacing and arrangements which make you fall in love with it on the very first listening. What surprises though is that while a male voice dominates the proceedings, a female voice croons the number in English in a true Western mode. 'Bandya' is just the kind of kick start which makes one look forward to what Khuda Ke Liye has to offer in the tracks to follow.

In a mood for some club outing? Then play on the DJ Suketu 'remix version' of 'Bandya' which is just the kind of number that one expects from the master DJ. This time around, the female voice comes to the fore much earlier and adds on to the Western appeal of the song. Finally comes the 'original version' of the track which is relatively quieter but entertaining nevertheless. One quick observation - once you are through listening to the track thrice (in different versions), one does tend to remember 'Laare Choote' from Ek Chalis Ki Last Local!

Continuing the Sufi rock mood of the album, DJ Aqeel steps in to spin his magic for 'Allah Hoo'. It isn't an easy task to have a song in the praise of the almighty to make it to the dance floor. However, DJ Aqeel doesn't let the original composer and the singer of 'Alla Hoov' down and creates a song which is quick fodder for the dance floors.

One can't help make an observation though that in spite of the DJ at play, the song doesn't let go of its basic essence of melody and meaningful lyrics. This is pretty much comparable even as the 'original version' comes a few songs later. The sound of 'Allah Hoo' manages to create a haunting effect even after just a couple of hearings.

If one thought that 'Bandya' and 'Allah Hoo' were good then watch out for the title song which comes next. One is highly surprised that this song arrives third in the album since it is the best song of the album. In fact, the song works not just for the album but also turns out to be one of the best tracks that one has heard this year.

The man who sings this highly melodious number has a fresh approach towards singing and his voice comes so close to Amit Kumar that one is almost tempted to check the credits again and confirm if it indeed is Amit Kumar who has rendered the version. What a pity that the voice behind such an honest effort hasn't been credited in the album! Nevertheless, coming back to the song, it is a brilliant effort and one starts respecting the album rather than just loving it.

Such has been the momentum created by 'Khuda Ke Liye' that one expects anything which follows to be outstanding. Though 'Janie Janie' which comes next isn't outstanding, it is good nevertheless and a complete contrast to what one has heard so far. A love song which is almost like an unplugged version with not much interference from the instruments, 'Janie Janie' is a soothing composition which has poetic lyrics complemented well by some soft vocals. No, yet again we don't know who the male voice behind the song is!

Indian classical Raga 'Tilak Kamod' is the base for 'Tiluk Kamod' which comes next. A core four minute classical piece is for those who can appreciate the intricacies of classical music. Even for those who don't have orientation towards classical music, it is a soothing hear, nevertheless.

The beginning of 'Mahi Way' gives an impression of yet another soothing number in the offering. A surprise in store yet again here as a female voice comes up with a few lines in English before a male vocal gets the painful rendition of 'Mahi Way' in the running. An experiment follows as the track takes an Indian classical route for a short while hence making 'Mahi Way' a true fusion feel. And if this wasn't enough, a lounge inspiration is visible as well in the concluding portions which makes this short piece a worthy addition to your collection.

Sound of youth is very much visible at the beginning itself for 'Hamaray Hain'. A feel good young track which sets your feet tapping to what really is an innocent tune; 'Hamaray Hain' is a quintessential pop track. Yet again, this track which has a mix of Hindi and English lyrics, is what one associates with Pritam as witnessed in many of his compositions. A kind of song which gets classified as being 'nice' in its feel!

'Duniya Ho', the last song of the album, carries on the 'nice' feel of 'Hamaray Hain' and is truly Bollywood in its appeal! With Western arrangements throughout and English interspersions, 'Duniya Ho' sets your feet tapping even though the music does bring in a deja vu feel! An 'instrumental' marks the ending of Khuda Kay Liye which is again a subtle piece with fusion of Western and India classical.

Khuda Kay Liye is a very good album with more than just a couple of songs making a major impression. While the title song is the best of the lot, 'Bandya' and 'Allah Hoo' make a big impression. Moreover, 'Mahi Way', 'Hamaray Hain' and 'Duniya Ho' only add on to give the album a complete feel.

Go for it before you start hearing Bollywood's own version of these songs. It is an original soundtrack which has 'not yet' managed to inspire composers/filmmakers out here in Bollywood!

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i think the muzik of this movie is very gud its sum sensible & flavoured muzik.

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